El Pic Camberley



El Pic is the longest standing independent restaurant in Camberley. We are passionate about serving great Spanish tapas and providing great service. Whether it's a cosy dinner for two, or a celebration with friends, El Pic is the perfect place.

Way back in 1991 a little Spanish tapas bar opened on the London Road in Camberley. At the time tapas bars were unheard of in the UK, apart from a few hidden away in pockets of west London. El Pic soon became a firm favourite and nearly a quarter of a century later it's as popular as ever.

What are Tapas?

The Spanish word 'tapa' means a lid or cover. When you ordered a glass of wine or beer in a bar a small plate was put on top to cover it. Little morsels of food were put on the plate and offered to have with your drink. Originally this would have been something simple like some bread or a couple of olives. Over time these 'tapas' became more elaborate with each region developing its own delicacies. Guests would sit at the bar and sample the particular specialites of the house before moving on to the next bar for another round. It's a bit like a gastronomic pub crawl and we call it 'tapaeando'. An eminently social pastime, tapeando is still at the heart of Spanish culinary tradition.

Tapas are synonymous with sharing. It's a celebration of great food and great friends. This is why tapas lends itself so well to any kind of get together. For me there's nothing better than sharing food with those nearest and dearest. It's a great way to get to know new people, too.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.